Medium-voltage cables

Windfarms MV

  • Onshore, underground single-core cables (33 kV) connect the strings of wind turbines, linking them in parallel to the substation.
  • 24 kV and 36 kV “smart cabling solutions” are available: TSLF-O, TSLF-OJ, TSLF-J twisted cables, and TSLF-O and TSLF-J singlecore.
  • Cost-efficient submarine 3-core cables with integrated fiber optic elements and customized armor designs. 

We provided inter-turbine/export cables for Anholt (DK), the world’s third largest offshore wind farm.

Related products and solutions

MV underground power cables
Outdoor Energy cables

Our two leading types of medium-voltage cable are XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) and EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber). The former is used worldwide, while the latter is mainly for selected markets.

From a design point of view, medium-voltage cables are of three types:

  • single-core cable,
  • three single-core cables laid-up,
  • three-core cable.

Nexans cables are custom designed to meet your high performance standards.

Submarine Medium Voltage cables
Outdoor Energy cables

Submarine cables are used to link islands, between platforms, submarine installations, across fjords and over the sea for hundreds of kilometres. High quality and reliability are extremely important design criteria for Nexans submarine cables and umbilicals.

From 6 to 525 kV

Nexans offers a complete range of submarine power cables, from 6 to 525 kV.

Adapted to customers' needs

The insulation system is for each implementation adapted to the customers’ needs, providing solutions for both AC and DC, by paper/oil or extruded polymer insulation systems. With our factory especially designed for manufacturing long lengths the limitations are more of a physical or geographical nature than manufacturing capacity.

Combines different elements in one cable

Our multiple core cables can contain power phases, optical fibre steel tubes and high pressure s...