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... requires a wide selection of cables, components and global expertise

Nexans AnswerNexans does not offer just one cabling concept to address the multiplicity of FTTx challenges, but offers a full family of products, network architectures, and field-proven end-to-end FTTx solutions, including:

  • Micro cable solution for true optimization of existing infrastructure
  • Ribbon cable solution for a high density network
  • Aerial cable solution for fast service expansion and complementary broadband services delivered via the energy distribution network
  • Loose tube cable solution for standard duct and direct buried installation

More than just producing the right cable for the right FTTx environment, Nexans offers you global expertise on a complete infrastructure, so that you can optimize your layout design, engineering and installation:

  • Assistance for Network Engineering: from feasibility studies to rules for deployment
  • Network Passive Infrastructure Layout Design: give us a city plan and we provide the details for a physical infrastructure
  • Cost modeling: we calculate the ultimate cost to subscribers according to the option chosen
  • Bill of Materials: we provide a full list of all cables and components to simplify procurement
  • Wide range of fiber cables: for aerial, underground and duct installation
  • All passive components: interconnection technologies, such as splicing, crossconnecting and termination
  • Full choice of active equipment: media converters, Customer Premises Equipment, and fiber switches
  • Field expertise based on FTTx deployment in various configurations (FTTN, FTTC, FTTB, FTTH, FTTU), i.e. fiber to the node,curb, building, home and user

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