B-PON Broadband PON, allows additional services to APON, such as broadcast video or additional data
CAPEX Capital expenditures
CLEC Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
CPE Customer Premises Equipment
EPON Ethernet PON
Ethernet An IEEE data communications protocol originally developed for premises and local access network (IEEE 802.3)
FITL Fiber in the Loop, deployment of fiber on class 5 telephone switches
FTF Fiber to the Feeder
FTTC Fiber to the Curb
FTTCab Fiber to the cabinet
FTTH Fiber to the Home
FTTN Fiber to the Node
FTTU Fiber to the Unit
HFC Hybrid Fiber Coax
ILEC Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
MAN Metropolitan Area Network
MDU Multi Dwelling Unit
Mid-span joint A cable is stripped in the middle of a length, where only selected fibers are cut and joined
Micro cable Cables intended to be blown through micro ducts
Micro duct Small, light, flexible tube with outer diameter less than 16 mm
MTU Multiple Tenant Unit
ODF Optical Distribution Frame
OLT Optical Line Termination. Network-side interface
ONU Optical Network Unit. User-side interface
OPEX Operational expenditures
P2MP Point-To-Multi-Point
P2P Point-To-Point
PON Passive Optical Network
RBOC Regional Bell Operating Company
Redundancy Several alternative communication paths
WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing

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