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Nexans reinforces warship capabilities

For the integrated onboard environment, Nexans provides a wide range of quality cables which fully conform to the world's strict naval standards.

Wherever possible, we apply proven commercial and interoperable solutions for easier procurement, maintenance and repair. Since every warship is made-to-order, we often customize our cables, e.g. smaller and lighter cables so that ship speeds and armament loads can be optimized.

To keep pace with the information revolution, we constantly innovate to improve data speeds, protect vital combat & control systems and reduce crew size, while ensuring high operational efficiency and survival under actual battle conditions.

High performance cables:

  • resistance to heat, cold, humidity, oil, vibration, shock, corrosion
  • advanced fiber and copper LANs for next generation naval telecommunications
  • a complete range of telecom cables and low and medium-voltage power cables
  • reduced weight and volume through advanced designs and materials
  • expertise in connectivity at all levels, and provider of fully-integrated systems
  • global presence and fast delivery worldwide

    Compliance with world standards:

  • NATO specifications and IEC standards
  • ISO 9001 quality standards
  • Qualified Products List (QPL)
  • German VG
  • American Mil-Dtl-24643, Mil-Dtl-24640, Mil-PRF-85045, Mil-C-17
  • UK Naval Engineering Standard (NES 525), DG211
  • French Navy Standard (NF STF 41-06)
  • Japanese JIS specifications
  • Advanced fire-performance (IEC 60332-3 and/or IEC 60331), low-smoke (IEC 61034), halogen-free (60754-1/60754-2), low toxicity (NES713)

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