Radiant heating cables

A variety of mats and cables are manufactured for indoor comfort, snow and ice melting on sidewalks, driveways, roofs and drains, and frost protection of water pipes. A recent innovation: self-adhesive mats with safe integrated splices.

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 Radiant heating cables


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Series resistance heating cable mats from Nexans are ideal for comfort heating in all types of rooms. There is also available a mat made for snow and ice melting outdoors.

For indoor use we have mats with an area output of 100 and 150 W/m².

Our mats for outdoor got output 300W/m² rated at 230V~.

The cables used in mat products are all twin conductor heating cables with different size and diameters. All our heating cable mats comes with manually made splice or our unique factory-made splice between the hot and cold part of the heating cable.