Solar panel cables

Nexans photovoltaic cables provide reliable, durable links between solar panels and the "inverter" which transforms solar energy into usable AC electricity. Their halogen-free compounds assure optimum fire protection for rooftop installation.

TUV approved and fully recyclable

 Solar panel cables


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Due to soaring electricity costs from fuel fossil energy and greenhouse gases emission concerns, the photovoltaic PV market has experienced unprecedented growth over the past decade.

The photovoltaic power is well on the way to becoming a fully competitive part of the electricity system in the European Union (EU) and an increasingly important part of the energy mix around the Globe. PV markets are stronger than ever, and PV now appears on the energy map of several countries as a real alternative to conventional electricity sources.
Costs of PV installation are going down and despite Western European markets being volatile because of Feed in Tariffs and incentives being reduced, some markets are on the way to reach grid parity, the point at which alternative means of generating electricity becomes competitive versus commercially available grid power based on coal or gas.

In order to respond to his customers’ request, Nexans has developed a wide range o...

Standard cables and wires 1kV
Indoor energy cables/Wires and cables 1kV

Nexans offers an extensive range of high-quality products within low voltage cables. We develop, manufacture and market the whole product portfolio from standard to customized applications and value-added products dedicated to all types of buildings.

Rigid” wires and cables are used for fixed installations and can be installed in tubes, mouldings and baseboards.

Flexible” wires and cables power light tools, appliances and moving industrial machines and equipment. We offer our customers unique competences within product development, technical expertise and innovative solutions