Port of Marseille, France - Ship-To-Shore (STS) cranes

banner Port of Marseille, France

Port of Marseille-1Project description:

  • In container terminals of Mourepiane and Fos sur Mer, Cavotec to install a reliable cable solution for a multispiral and monospiral reeling device on the 6 STS cranes.

Customer challenges:

  • Develop an innovative cable solution with smallest possible diameter, that can detect damages on the cable outer sheath to secure workers on site.
  • The same cable solution has to be installed on existing and new reels.


Port of Marseille-2

Nexans solutions:

  • Buflex X’PREM 12/20 kV 3x35+3x10+EG was manufactured with a maximum outer diameter of 62 mm, with special inner and outer sheath compounds.
  • During operation, a permanent measurement of insulation resistance is observed:
    - between phases
    - between phase screens, earth conductors and general screen
    - between overall screen and cable surface