Market challenges

The challenges facing the industry depend greatly on optimizing flexible high-temperature cables

Market challenges Traditional and renewable energy generation, oil and gas, mining, the processing industry, shipbuilding and power plants are all dependent on medium-voltage motors, generators and drives. The latter enhance motor efficiency and optimize energy costs.

Annual average market growth until 2015 for motors and generators is predicted at around 8%, and for MV drives around 15%. Currently, the largest markets are the US, Brazil, Europe, China, India and the rest of Asia.

The challenges facing the industry depend greatly on optimizing flexible high-temperature cables to assure safe and reliable power connection and operation. There is a need for increased power density and faster start up (ignition) necessitating improved cable flexibility and lower partial discharges in insulations to prolong the lifetime of the cable.

All of this requires advanced cable design, engineering, and extensive services that only a time-proven cable manufacturer can provide.

What you expect from a cable manufacturer

As an OEM, energy system integrator, or specialized distributor you want a global cable partner who can provide you with high-end products and expertise to improve the performance and durability of your systems and equipment, including:

  • A full range of flexible, high-temperature MV singlecore cables
  • The right choice of conductors, platings and premium-quality silicone insulation
  • Compactness and resistance to chemicals and oils
  • Low smoke, minimal corrosive/toxic gases and fire-resistance
  • Ongoing innovation to keep up with technical evolution
  • International certifications and test approvals
  • Technology to help optimize and reduce expensive copper
  • Services: short lead times, prompt delivery, engineering, design input, electrical and thermal simulation, kits, supply chain and e-business tools

To answer these challenges, Nexans provides a complete range of cables and accessories.