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Motors, generators and drives require SIWO-KUL® cable solutions for flexibility, efficiency and durability

Nexans answersNexans has been manufacturing a full range of high-performance medium-voltage SIWO-KUL® singlecore cables for over half a century for applications that require high flexibility in prolonged high-temperature conditions. We are also developing a competitive high-temperature cable for LV industrial motors.

SIWO-KUL® cables are mainly used in medium-voltage motors and generators for connecting stator coils to the terminal box. They are also vital elements for wind converters, transformers, solar power inverters and other MV/LV cabinets. In drives, silicone decreases copper cross-section and gives flexibility for compactness.

Nexans not only manufactures a customized product to fit your extra-tough specifications, we also provide expertise and an extensive service package to add value to your products and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Outstanding features: adaptability, durability and performance

Silicone can tolerate high temperatures arising from ignition and harmonics. Thanks to their premium quality silicone insulation, medium-voltage SIWO-KUL® cables are chemical-resistant and extremely flexible, with excellent stretch properties and an elongation at break value greater than 300%. During a fire, the halogen-free insulation forms a ceramic shield that keeps them operational for at least 90 minutes.  The cables are corona-resistant, electrically stable and have low partial discharge, thus prolonging cable life. Appropriate terminations/connectors make them easy to install, and all-in-one kits are available. All cables are UL and CSA certified, and approved by Lloyds’ Register and Veritas.