SIWO-KUL® BSIWO-KUL® cables are mainly used in medium-voltage motors and generators for connecting stator coils to the terminal box. They are also vital elements for wind converters, transformers, solar power inverters and other MV/LV cabinets. In drives, silicone decreases copper cross-section and gives flexibility for compactness.

SIWO-KUL® B family cables are class 5 singlecore cables available from1.1KV up to 15KV.

This product family is designed with a PET braid varnished either with PUR or Silicon providing our customers much flexibility according to their process (VPI…).
For voltage starting 6,6 KV and cross section above 16mm², Nexans has developed a specific patented extruded semi conductive silicon layer enabling much lower partial discharge and increasing de facto the life time of our cables.

The SIWO-KUL® B cables are required when high flexibility and high temperature conditions are present.

The operating temperature for continuous service extends from –55°C up to 180°C.

NB: this product family is also part of our Windlink® offer for Wind turbines