Green building certification

Answer to Environmental classification of Buildings : Green buildings

The building sector in Europe is one of the major contributors to global warming and energy consumption. No wonder sustainability of construction work has become a topic investigated by all stakeholders all along the value chain of a project.

Property owners, engineering consultants and architects are constantly seeking new strategies to deliver sustainable buildings and structures that attract tenants and buyers whilst maximising “green value”.
One of the best way to achieve the targets of sustainable building is to follow the Green Building certification scheme that exist around the world, like HQE® Green Star, Green Mark … The 2 most widely spread and used around the world are LEED (created in the US) and BREEAM (created in the UK) .

A product itself cannot be ” LEED” or ” BREEAM” certified, but it can certainly contribute to the overall targeted performances per credit categories required by the reference scheme. Contact us for more information about how our Nexans offer can help you gain points.


BREEAM® certification
10 BREEAM credits  categories
Health & well-being  
Check green building criteria
Check green building criteria
Check green building criteria
Land Use  
LEED® certification
From 5 to 12 leed credits categories
Sustainable sites  
Water efficiency  
Energy &
atmosphere credits
Check green building criteria - LEED
Materials &
resources credits
Check green building criteria - LEED
Indoor environmental
quality credits
(Bonus credits)
Check green building criteria - LEED
Regional priority
(Bonus credits)
Check green building criteria - LEED
Development (3 categories)
(2 categories)