PEPecopassport® environmental declaration of products

PEPecopassport® is the product environmental identity card, based on a standardized, reliable and recognized Program. It provides the results of the environmental impact evaluation of the product obtained using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology.

This methodology measures the impact of the product on air, water, soil and natural resources during the whole product life cycle, from the raw material extraction to the end of life.

The PEPecopassport® complies with the ISO 14025 standard dealing with Type III environmental declaration. All PEPecopassport® are registered by the PEPecopassport® Program.

The PEPecopassport® are useful today for public and private contractor, and design consultants involved in sustainable buildings, as well as OEM customers involved in the ecodesign developpement of their products and systems.


IN 2013

Today, more than 1000 product references already covered by a PEP: SIWOKUL, Energyflex, Alsecure, Easyfil, LAN cables, etc ...