HV loops and accessories

HV loops

Nexans offers a wide range of products and services for high voltage applications in traction power supply systems:

  • Flexible HV FLAMEX® (N)TMCGCHXOE or PANTO cables
  • Separable connectors and terminations for inside or outside use
  • End-to-end customized HV loop solutions including mounting of each single component and electrical testing.

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Electric locomotives and motorcoach trains require a reliable supply and distribution of power.

Once the power is transferred from the overhead wire – usually on an AC voltage level of 15 or 25 kV – through the pantograph into the vehicle, distributed to the train sections or supplied to a 6 kV transformer.

In order to minimise the danger when dealing with these high voltages, high-quality materials are essential at every step of the way. Not only that, but special safety requirements must be taken into account as early as the design and planning stage for a high-voltage system. As well as the functional requirements, the necessary air insulation clearances, possible vibrations and deviations, installation options and many more things have to be considered.

The Nexans Rolling Stock division supports its customers in this with tried-and-tested, preassembled cable loop. We supply connectors with inner and outer cone suitable for a wide rang...