25G copper in access networks

For data centres using LC Duplex in the core, and copper cabling in the access network, Nexans provides smart options to make your network more manageable:
GG45: a 2-in-1 connector for 10 Gigabit
The LANmark GG45 connector allows you to migrate your access network to 25G with copper. GG45 uses a standard RJ45 patch cord, and only the upper connection points, or the upper pins in the connector, allowing you to run traffic of 25 Gigabit or 40 Gigabit over GG45, without changing your infrastructure.


LANmark GG45 is a screened RJ45-compatible cable jack specified up to 2000 MHz designed specifically to support the high frequencies required for applications beyond 10 Gigabit Ethernet: 
  • Combined with LANmark-7A Cable and Patch Cords, GG45 offers support for 25Gbase-T
  • Combined with a LANmark-8 2GHz cable, GG45 offers support for 40Gbase-T

LANmark GG45 uses 12 contacts: 8 contacts for the 2000MHz transmission (GG-mode) and 4 additional contacts to ensure RJ45 compatibility (RJ Mode). Thanks to its 360° screening and a fully closed rear cover, the connector allows excellent coupling attenuation and ensures immunity from alien crosstalk and other external interference. The LANmark GG45 connector fits all structural hardware designed for Snap-In Connectors and can be used in all positions of a 4 connector twisted pair cabling channel (PP, CC, CP, TO).

Migrating your access network to 25G with copper


For 10 Gigabit there is a channel length of 100m.  For 25 Gigabit there is a channel length of 30m.

Using GG45 in a LANmark-7A high speed system offers a clear and easy migration path to 40 Gigabit. GG45 links can be used with a shielded Cat 7A cable, with RJ45 patch cords.
To upgrade from 10 to 25 Gigabit, simply replace the RJ45 connections with GG45 patch cords.