Patch solutions that provides the density and usability you need

LANmark : standard fibre panels

Low to medium density, plug&play patch panels configured to your needs:

  • MTP to LC cassette panel with LC Pre-Terms, adaptor plates and fibre management
  • Panels with MTP trunks and plug&play modules
  • Splicing bush with shrink protectors

ENSPACE: ultra-high-density patching solution
enspace- density dc layout


Nexans award-winning ultra-high-density patching solution

  • saves 50% of the rack space
  • 144 LC conections per 'U'
  • supports LC & MPO 

Download the ENSPACE brochure





LANmark Slimflex: high density Category 6A copper panels



Save up to 50% space in data centre installations with Nexans' Slimflex Category 6A solution. This new copper range consists of a 48 port panel, Slimflex cords and Cat 6A connectors. Once installed the result is a neat and cleaned up high density installation.