Versatile building entry point (ODB4)

ODB4 open BDEnvironnement and application

The ODB4 is designed to meet the requirements of the Building Entry Point (BEP).
The building entry point ensures the transition between the external cable (adduction cable) and the cable installed inside the building. The connection is made by splicing or patching.
The box can be installed on the façade or inside the building depending on the configuration of the premises.

Installation modes:
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Product description

The ODB 4 is a termination box for splicing and/or patching. It is to be fixed directly on the wall, both indoors and outdoors. An accessory also makes it possible to fix it on a pole.


Main advantages

  • Compact and discreet
  • Inddor and outdoor installation
  • Splicing: up to 8 fusion splices (ANT compatible)
  • Patching: up to 4 SC or LC Duplex adapters
  • Field connectors compatible
  • Splitting: up to 2 splitters (SOD type)

ODB4 cabled     ODB4 cabled BREKO


More information

IP 55, IK 07
Colour: light grey


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