Tunnel multibundle cable

Environment and application

The multibundle tunnel cable is designed to be installed in a railways tunnel. However, it can beused in any environment with similar constraints, such as a road tunnel.

For more than 15 years, Nexans has been supplying major players in this area such as RATP, STIB, Thalès, Alstom, Infrabel, etc. Based on our feedbacks, we have optimised our cable to better meet the specific installation requirements of this environment.

The tunnel is an enclosed space, heavily cluttered up by already installed cables, signaling and surveillance equipment, rails, stones, and other obstacles. It is also difficult to access: geographical location, multiplicity of contributors and need to stop traffic. Given the difficulty of obtaining an intervention slot, it must be fast and effective.

Railways tunnel


Product description

The multi-bundle tunnel cable was first produced in September 2019 for the underground subway in Brussels. Fully dielectric, it contains 12 to 72 fibres in microbundles (6 units of 12 fibres maximum). The armour made up of 18 FRPs (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) is surrounded by a dual HFFR sheath, which makes the cable very resistant.

Compared to the previous generation, although more robust, the cable is smaller and lighter. The modification of the internal structure also gives it greater flexibility.

Easier to handle and more resistant, the installation of the new multi-bundle tunnel cable is so fast that it guarantees the respect of the objectives of installation distance in the reserved slot.

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Main advantages

  • Dielectric
    Safety: no electrical risk, in an environment where stray currents are common
    Quick installation: no repeated grounding
  • Rodent resistant
  • Fire resistant (EN 50200 PH120)
    Safety: continuous operation up to 2 hours after the start of combustion
    (crucial for tunnel signaling in case of evacuation)
  • CPR class B2ca s1a d0 a1
    Security: no flame spread
  • Halogen-free
    Safety: non-toxicity of fumes in case of combustion
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