Cable for highway (loosetube)

Environment and application

Answering to the very demanding directives and specifications of the Swiss Federal Roads Office (ASTRA), our new highway range cables is designed to be installed as well in outdoors as in tunnel or gallery. It is also compatible with the crossing of public buildings and the antennas connection.

For more than 20 years, Nexans has been supplying major players in this area as CFF, BLS and Siemens. Based on our feedbacks, we have optimised our cable to better meet the specific installation requirements of this environment and new CPR standards. Indeed, this new generation withstands the crushing of a 3.5-ton vehicle. For a maximum safety, these cables avoid the fire spreading and the emission of toxic fumes. Important because 80% of fire deaths are related to smoke inhalation.




Product description

The cable was designed based on ASTRA requirements. Fully dielectric, it contains 12 to 144 fibres in loosetubes (12 units of 12 fibres maximum). The glass yarns armour and the HFFR sheath provide an excellent crushing resistance (80Kg/10cm) and a great tensile strength (until 900daN).

Compared to the previous generation, the cable meet the needs of the new CPR requirements in term of fire non-spreading, very low smoke and no release of toxic gas or flaming droplets.

Cable Astra face

Main advantages

  • Dielectric
    Safety: no electrical risk, in an environment where stray currents are common
    Quick installation: no grounding
  • Rodent resistant
  • Fire resistant and no flame spread (FR:LSZH)
  • CPR class B2, s1, d0, a1 in monutube
    Cca, s1, d1, a1 in multitubes
  • Halogen-free
    Safety: non-toxicity of fumes in case of combustion
cable Astra profil


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