Power to the Antenna D-CORE cable

Environment and application

The D-CORE cable can be used as a DC power cable for the interconnexion between the Base Unit and Radio Units on towers or rooftops.
The D shape of the isolated conductors enables to reduce the diameter and weight of these cables with no negative impact on the properties. Cables flexibility is particularly appreciated during the installation.

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Product description

D-CORE is a dual-core screened power cable. It is used for the connection of Radio Units with outdoor or indoor cable ways. The range extends from 2x4mm2 to 2x25mm2.

  1. Class 5 copper conductors
  2. XLPE isolation
  3. Aluminium foil
  4. Tinned copper braid (coverage > 65%)
  5. LSZH outer sheath
Cable avec legende

Compared to the previous generation, the internal structure is modified and improves the handling of the cable. It is smaller and lighter which also provides up to 40% space savings in standard cableways.

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Easy to strip

Main advantages

  • Euroclass Dca-s2,d2,a1*
    Security: flame retardant
  • Halogen-free outer sheath
    Security: low smoke
Cable Dca et Upsky

*Eca version also available

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