ADSS Loose tube fibre optic cable for LV & MV Networks

Environment and application

This ADSS cable is designed to be installed in aerial near low and medium voltage cables for the construction of optical fibre access and distribution networks.

This cable has an anti-tracking outersheath resistant to a voltage of 30 kV. It is mainly suitable for Central and Eastern Europe weather conditions with spans up to 130m.



Product description

The cable has a black, UV resistant, HDPE anti-tracking outersheath, which gives excellent mechanical properties. The internal structure is made of a central strength member, peripherical aramid yarns, jelly filled tubes containing coloured fibres. It can be up from 24 to 120 fibres with 2,2mm diameter loose tubes.

  1. Sheathed central element
  2. Optical fibre
  3. Jelly
  4. Tube
  5. Binding and waterblocking elements
  6. Aramid yarns reinforcement
  7. Ripcord
  8. AT PEHD Outersheath (anti-tracking)


Main advantages

  • One compact design
    Single size fitting and accessories
  • Compatibility:
    Medium voltage networks
  • Fully dielectric
  • Waterproof dry core structure
  • Installation types:
    By aerial pulling
    By air jetting for an UG/OH usage


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