B-Lite3 range micro-duct blowing cables (24-288 fibres)

Environment and application

The B-Lite3 range cables is a bunch of technology resuming all our recent progress in research and development.

Why3: faster, further and easier

Cables are used for Access, Distribution, City Network and FTTx applications all over Europe and beyond. B-Lite is designed to be quickly installed by blowing in micro-ducts, with spans up to 1500m to 2000m without lubrication.



Product description

The The BLite3 range includes cables of different optical fibres count and modularity, however the design is similar. Cables are Ultralow Friction Outer sheath, to push the limits at the installation phase. The internal structure is made of a central strength member and jelly filled microbundles containing coloured fibres.

A complete range is available from 24 to 288 fibres in G652D or G657Ax:



Main advantages

  • All dielectric design
  • Waterproof structure
  • Easy microbundle stripability
  • Right balance between flexibility and rigidity
  • Easy installation with mid span access possibility
  • Able to go 30% further than the previous generations
  • No lubrication requested for conventional blowing distances
    Tested into full HDPE subducts at T°<20°


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