Nexans and the Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI) Programme

Nexans is always keen to support initiatives which raise awareness and promote good installation practice and we are therefore happy to endorse and support the CNCI scheme being promoted by Cablenet Training.

It should however be noted that the qualification does not by default, automatically qualify attendees as being ‘Nexans certified’. The vast majority of the training sessions offered by Nexans in the UK are one day courses aimed at Supervisor level personnel. The objective is to provide experienced installers with ‘Nexans specific’ information including product familiarisation and the requirements necessary for Nexans warranty certification. We also place great emphasis on ‘partnership’ with our Certified Solution Partners (CSP’s), so the opportunity to meet installers in person and build relationships is a critical component which cannot be ‘outsourced’. The CNCI scheme is therefore seen as complimentary to the any Nexans training rather than a substitution.

As a consequence, whilst Nexans recognise the CNCI qualification as a formal indication of ‘existing experience’ it is not a mandatory requirement in order to become a Nexans CSP.
Similarly, installers who have the CNCI qualification will not be considered ‘Nexans certified’ by default and will still need to attend minimum Nexans training for the reasons explained.

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