LANactive Industry solution

Nexans Industrial Ethernet switches, Cabling and Services for harsh environments of Mission critical applications

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Nexans LANactive Industry solution is based on Industrial Ethernet switches, industrial cabling, software and services and designed for creating reliable and highly available LAN infrastructures in harsh environments of mission ctirical applications.

This solution is based on almost 30 years of Nexans experience in developing and producing managed Industrial and FTTO switches designed to build highly available and reliable Ethernet networks in harsh environments of many mission critical applications, starting from Smart grid / Utilities, going through oil&gas and infrastructure applications and landing with IP video surveillance & security in campuses and cities.

Nexans LANactive Industry solution includes:

  • Managed Industrial Ethernet switches and its accessores, including SFP transceivr, power supplies etc.
  • Extensive portfolio for copper and fibre cabling including industry grade variant
  • Integrated, centralised configuration and management platform for the switches
  • First class support services

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