LANsense - Intelligent Infrastructure Management

Take Control of Your Network

LANsense is Nexans market leading Intelligent Infastructure Management (IIM) solution, extending IT operational efficiency to the physical layer.

It provides visibility of a physical network by automatically mapping, locating, reporting and alerting on any network 'event', whether this is connection/disconnection of a device, or a physical change to the infrastructure.

By ascertaining network physical and logical connectivity in real time, LANsense can discover what devices are connected to where, providing 100% accurate records. It can be configured to raise alerts on unauthorised activity day or night and delivers true cost of ownership savings through improved maintenance efficiency, increased security, and asset optimisation.

LANsense brings benefits to :

  • Enterprise : large networks benefit from improved Moves, Adds, Changes (MACs), asset management, and enhanced security
  • Data Centres : ensures reliability in a complex, mission critical environment 
  • Converged Networks : LANsense can integrate individual IP devices (cameras, door entry systems) to deliver powerful IP environments.

 Experience - the strength behind Nexans solutions

No other company can claim more experience or a better reputation.

With over a million installed LANsense ports and a dedicated competence centre, IES in Basingstoke, our team of committed experts can help you find solutions to reduce operational costs in an increasingly diverse range of markets. 

Nexans has the experience, size, technical expertise, and global reach to offer the widest choice of infrastructure solutions for any type of application.    

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