Kevin Crew waves goodbye after serving almost 50 years in our industry

Kevin Crew left Nexans last month after serving almost 50 years in the industry and 13 years with the company.  

Kevin has now taken retirement and bid farewell to the team in a heartfelt send off, which was well deserved. Distributor and Installer (D&I) Sales Manager, Julie Banks said Kevin will be greatly missed, and praised him for his dedication and commitment.


The D&I Commercial Team from left to right:

Raj Soor - BDM D&I South, Nathan Short - Price & Bid Manager, Kevin Crew- BDM D&I North, Julie Banks D&I Sales Manager and Dan Colborne - Projects & Specifications Manager

For more information about the team moving forward and its commercial activities, please contact Julie Banks, D&I Sales Manager on 07713 787 079 or email 


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