Nexans NX600 cable range obtains new BASEC certification

  • Nexans NX600 power cable, known for its enhanced fire resistance performance, has obtained new certifications from BASEC and LPCB.
  • The cable meets all the BS7846-F120 specifications and is approved for 120 minute applications required by the BS8519 standard.

Fire fighting systems need their electrical power supplies to remain fully functional in the event of a fire. That is why BASEC (the British Approvals Service for Cables) recommends that specifiers adopt the BS7846-F120 standard to ensure that their cables will maintain the circuit integrity of critical fire fighting equipment and systems in even the most extreme fire  conditions. Nexans is a leader in fire safety cables and has recently obtained new BASEC certification to confirm that its NX600 range of enhanced fire resistant power cables has passed a program of fire testing.

BASEC is a global leader in cable testing and certification services. BASEC recommends that specifiers adopt the BS7846-F120 standard to ensure that their fire resistant cables have been tested to withstand up to two hours of fire. Built to release low levels of toxic fumes when burning, Nexans NX600 cables are approved for 120 minute applications as described in BS8519 for use with fire fighting applications.

In addition, the fire resistant cable is certified by the Loss Prevention Certification board (LPCB) confirming that  Nexans NX600 cable range meets the above-mentioned standards. The LPCB has been working with the cabling industry and government for more than 100 years to set the standards needed to ensure that fire and security products and services perform effectively.

Nexans’ cable NX600 can be found listed online in the BASEC registry as well as in Red Book Live, the LPCB list of Approved Fire & Security Products and Services.

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