Nexans virtual factory audit saves Hilson Moran time and reduces its carbon footprint

Hilson Moran, an international design consultancy for the built environment, wanted to carry out a factory audit of Nexans NX600 fire resistant power cable, for including the cable range to the list of the products acceptable for use on Hilson Moran projects.

The NX600 is a high quality, BASEC and LPCB approved cable. Built to release low levels of toxic fumes when burning, it is approved for 120-minute applications as described in BS8519. It fully meets BS7846-F120 requirements to maintain circuit integrity even through the most extreme fire conditions.

To make sure its cabling solutions keep important infrastructure safe from fires all around the world, Nexans continually runs rigorous tests to make sure all of its products is up to standard. But as technology develops, so too do the Group’s methods for testing and auditing. In order to accelerate and facilitate a factory audit for a potential customer, Nexans successfully hosted its first virtual factory audit at Nexans Turkey plant in Denizli.

Challenge: Conducting time consuming and costly audits

Because of the demanding, high profile applications that use NX600 cables, they go through more rigorous tests in comparison to other cable types. To specify the cable, Hilson Moran needed to understand the specific testing and quality control procedures applied to NX600, and also to ensure the factory is compliant in manufacturing them.

To do this they would normally have had to travel to Nexans’ Denizli plant in Turkey. The whole process would have taken four to five days including travel time.

Solution: Utilising digital technology

Hilson Moran needed a fast response, and Nexans was set the task of finding a new way to carry out the audit, without a visit to Turkey.

We decided to exercise the power of technology. Via WhatsApp live video, Nexans teams were able to walk our colleagues at Hilson Moran through the plant”, said Kash Ansari, Marketing Manager, UK & Europe at Nexans.

Nexans also hosted a question and answer session, helping the client get all the necessary technical information.

Benefits: Reduced carbon emissions, time saved and quality assured

Tony Mayo, Project Director at Hilson Moran said:

This was the first remote factory tour I’ve taken part in and it was very successful. Thanks to Nexans embracing digital technology, we got the information that we needed, and I didn’t have to spend three days away from family, get two flights each way and drive and park at Heathrow. I’m hoping that we’ve set a new benchmark with this innovative way of working and look forward to doing it again.”

The audit was a success and Nexans NX600 fire resistant cable is now included in Hilson Moran’s Recognised Supplier List, allowing it to be included in their project specifications where appropriate. 

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