Tenderbooks for Office Buildings and Data Centres

Modular tender specification documents

Nexans tenderbook documents are intended to assist designers with tender specifications for cabling projects.

A dedicated tenderbook for Data Centre cabling is included, together with a complete review and update of the office building specifications.

NEW - A special version for FTTO LANactive systems is now available

Modular Approach

Modern cabling installations often utilise a wide variety and combination of different products depending on the specific needs.

To enable users to build tenderbooks which match the unique requirements of each project, the new tenderbooks use a modular approach. Text blocks describing various ranges (e.g. Cat 6A / Cat 7A / OM3 / OM4 / Preterm etc) can be selected and inserted into the master document as required, enabling a customised tender response to be created very quickly. Please refer to the 'Quick User Guide' included in the zip file for full details.

FTTO Tenderbook

LANactive FTTO system uses passive fibre infrastructure with active micro-switches to deliver ethernet services to the user.