IEC 60601-1 / Network Isolators and Electrical Security in Hospital Networks

Technical Paper

Technical Paper Medical

Today’s medical facilities have highly diverse and complicated IT requirements. Systems
used on a daily basis include picture archiving and communication systems (PACS),
Hospital and Radiology Information Systems (HIS and RIS), Patient Data Management
Systems (PDMS), Communication Server, alarm calls, digital signage and positioning,
entertainment systems, IPTV, Wireless AP, mobile Visits, telemedicine and VPN. If we add
IP based building automation and security management systems to the list, it will come as
no surprise that more and more medical devices are being equipped with network interface
cards. Vital sign monitors, ECG, glucometers, infusion pumps and central monitoring
stations are just a few examples of medical networks merging with IT.

Learn more about the role network isolators play in medical IT networks and modern solutions for better electrical safeity in hospitals.