NexMan - Configuration and Managementtool


The Nexans switch manager provides an easy and comfortable solution for configuration, management and supervision of Nexans Switches being part of a network. Both FTTO Office Switches (ie GigaSwitch V3) or switches for harsh environment (ie iSwitch G1043E) can be connected to Nexans switch manager.

Integration into Higher Level Management system
Thanks to activation of optional parameters during set-up of Nexans switch manager, it can be easily integrated into a central management system (ie SNMPc, HP-Openview…). In this case the Device list will be bypassed and the Device-Editor will be started directly.

Auto discovery feature
Through the automatic discovery feature at layer 2, all switches part of the same network segment, or VLAN as the management PC will be found. Alternatively, a layer 3 automatic discovery via a router can be performed.  

Master Configuration
Through a master configuration single or several switches of a device list can be configured at once. The administrator can select which parameter shall be transmitted. Hence, Master Confi-gurations can be set up, in which for instance only snmp settings or password for switches will be changed. Moreover master configuration can be saved for each department, in case they require different settings.

Free of charge Test evaluation
Our Nexans switch manager can be downloaded free of charge for evaluation purposes. Compared to our license based version, following limitations are set:
• Delayed starting sreen for registration key request
• Maximum five switches can be  saved in a device list and loaded again.



• Fast Layer-2 Autodiscovery and simple basic configuration for devices within the local segment
• Layer-3 Autodiscovery through three user configurable IP ranges for devices behind IP routers
• Freely definable categories in tree structure
• Assignment of the devices via Drag &Drop
• Recursive counting of devices within the category
• Labeling of category by incoming alarms in basic or in the sub category
• The devices are permanently polled and marked in the device list with corresponding colours
• Nexans switch manger access via SCP (Secure Copy Protocol)
• Freely definable view of device list (Displayed columns)
• Creation of Excel or XML inventory lists
• Online diagnostic and monitoring information of SFP-modules in switch systems
• The device list is automatically updated through polling and changes are highlighted in colour
• Devices with alarm messages are automatically shifted to the top of the list
• Firmware update for one or more devices
• Time scheduled firmware update  possible
• Reading and writing of device configurations via SCP or TFTP
• Username/password protected reading and writing of device configurations
• Automatic download of device configurations for one or more devices
• Storage of device configurations in a database on the PC or on a central server
• Storage of old device configurations via history function in the database
• Three state tabs with online indication of all state information of the device
• Reset of Error and Statistics counters for one or more devices
• Individual selection of storage locations for device lists, database, master configurations and firmware
• Creation of any number of device lists, e.g. to arrange devices into groups etc.
• Creation of any number of master configurations for distribution to one or more devices
• Each master configuration may specify different parameters for distribution
• Comprehensive information on update and progress in a log window
• Information from the log windows available for later analysis
• Sorting of device list by IP address, MAC addresses, device name and software version
• Import of device lists as CSV (comma/semicolon separated) files, e.g. from NSCM or Excel
• Import of device lists from the Nexans Basic Configurator V3
• Direct calling of CLI or WEB from the configuration editor
• Easy restoration of the delivery condition


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