Nexans, Football and Modern Art

Nexans stands for exceptional network performance and develops HiTech Premium products which set new trends in the field of IT. Our Solutions lead the way in terms of quality of service, security and robustness. But do you know that they can also inspire, appeal to the imagery, tell stories and be part of Modern Art? 

This 3-D Object was created at the initiative of our R&D Director Hubert Theißen by German designer Leo Jongen. The artist used various electronic components from our scrapped stock to visualize an important moment in the history of World Football.

The picture was made by German Photographer and Media Designer Johannes Raskopp.

Germany WBE kd-1295_01a_Object_300px

Nexans and World Championship 2014
The 3-D Object recalls the legendary final of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Rio de Janeiro as the Argentinean and German teams came together for a final clash for championship.
With a dramatic late goal in a 1-0 victory it was Germany who won in a very nervous match. German forward Mario Götze, coming on as a substitute, scored a first class goal at the 113th Minute of the game which later secured a mention in all the books on football history.

Everybody held their breath as the goal hit Argentina´s "gates".
The Germans did not dare to believe in their victory for fear of a master goal by Lionel Messi.

The 3-D Object "Final Fan" expresses this mixture of anxiety, excitement and strained joy, which reined over the tribunes of German fans in the first seconds after the Goal.
It was a superb strike to end a superb match and bring Germany their major tournament victory since 1996 and the first on South American soil.

The Nexans logo, placed under the strained smile of the tousled German Fan, looks particularly impressive here. Nexans offers indeed technology leadership and is a world champion in network solutions. 

About the Artist
Germany_WBE_Künstler_150pxLeo Jongen is German Artist and Designer "with a 30 year track record of life in Modern Art". He draws inspiration from Electronics and Metal Industry where he gained considerable experience before focusing on 3-D modeling and design. Mr. Jongen works with Steel, Wood and Consumer Goods to create Objects of Modern Art for multiple purposes and applications. The 3-D Object "Final Fan" is his second experiment with Electronics featuring major landmarks in Sports. He is always on the lookout for new ideas. Behind each of his Creations there is a story which sets the mood, stirs or excites. Mr. Jongen´s Web-Page is now under reconstruction, however he is available at