Future-proof Networks for Kassel Municipalities

Städtische Werke Netz+Service GmbH

The Municipal Utilities Network+Service LLC. of Kassel, Germany, focuses on planning security and digitization. In its new administration building there are 230 FTTO switches ensuring a futureproof and reliable network infrastructure.


Be it electricity, gas or water, in Kassel and Northern Hessen more than 200,000 people rely on the safe and environmentally friendly services of the Städtische Werke Netz + Service GmbH, or Municipal Utilities LLC of Kassel. The Städtische Werke is a 100 percent subsidiary of Städtische Werke AG, a joint-stock company. Since the 1st of July 2011 it has been providing electricity, gas and water supply in Kassel and Vellmar. The cornerstone of the Company´s activities is measuring, documentation, monitoring and control of complex technical processes. It provides its services to municipalities, public utilities and industrial companies in North Hessen.