Nexans Switches approved for Dräger-Environments

Nexans Switches do well in Dräger Compatibility Tests

Nexans LANactive Solutions have successfully passed compatibility tests with Dräger Infinity Monitoring Systems in Hospitals. The Tests were conducted with three Nexans LANactive Systems (featuring two standard switches with PoE-funcationality and one ´Medical´ Switch with four integrated isolators) according to Dräger Testing Lab Standards.

400x Dräger

Dräger Infinity Monitors are premium Monitors for flexible patient monitoring in medical facilities. They show patient´s vital data including ECG, breathing tempo, temperature, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure, arrhythmia, oxygen saturation, intracranial pressure, etc. This data is crucial to ensuring healthcare services and optimized treatment for patients (e.g. in invasive medicine, when the patient is under anaesthesia or sedation) as well as for documentation, analysis and assessment purposes in clinical research.