CRAMIF - A New Recipe for Network Efficiency

FTTO solution for French health insurance company

CRAMIF, the Regional Office for Health Insurance of Ile-de-France, France, had to modernize its enterprise network. The installation had to take place without service interruption, be scalable and future-proof with bandwidth reserves. Furthermore it was very important to find a solution that would be both energy efficient and long-lasting.

WBE DE Cramif

Modern companies know too well about the inexorable increase in data rates on local area networks (LAN). The Regional Office of Health Insurance of the Ile-de-France (CRAMIF) was confronted with the necessity to upgrade its infrastructure to increase its data transfer rates, too. Considering the daily data transfer load to be processed (See the box “About CRAMIF”), it was a very challenging task as interruption of operation was unacceptable. After examining network modernization options the decision fell on LANactive FTTO Solutions by Nexans.