LANactive Industry solution for harsh environments within the energy sector


Energy networks undergo revolutionary changes
Conventional power substations are being replaced by intelligent substations which areequipped with control, measurement and monitoring facilities, etc.), These intelligent substations are connected together and interconnected with the central station via modern communication networks. In the energy sector, from production to distribution, this has driven the creation and definition of communication standard IEC 61850.

IEC 61850
IEC 61850 uses TCP/IP as the protocol which provides many of the  benefits of modern Ethernet communication infrastructure. Implementation of IEC 61850 provides the possibility for many devices within power substations (equipped with surveillance, control, measurement and monitoring units, etc.) to communicate together and transmit special information without additional convertors or specialized sub-networks. Today to ensure easy and correct communication between power stations and a central station IEC 61850 Ethernet switches are used. They become part of a universal standardized network for the exchange of EID's data, services and network information in accordance with IEC 61850-8-1 / -9-1 / 9-2.


Nexans presents the LANactive Industry solution, especially developed to meet the challenges of the energy sector. This includes the industrial multiport "iGigaSwitch" range with KEMA (now part of DNV-GL) approved IEC 61850 functionality and industrial grade passive components providing copper and fibre cabling for harsh environments.

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LANactive Industry solution key benefits

  • provides the capability to build universal standardized Ethernet network for smart grids or substations:
    • Nexans iGigaSwitch series supports Support of System Configuration Description Language (SCL)  according to IEC 61850;
    • wide range of components to utilize copper and fibre cabling inside a substation or to interconnect various parts of Smart grid;
  • designed to operate in harsh environments:
    • The Nexans "iGigaSwitch" range is  specially designed to be compact and robust whilst requiring only passive cooling
    • extended operating conditions: -40…+85C, vibration, EMC, special industry conditions, etc.;
    • robust stainless steel DIN-rail mounting clip for switches;
    • LANmark Industry cabling additionally to extended range of copper and fibre components;
  • full interoperability:
    • iGiaSwitches interoperable with all other core switches manufacturers;
    • operates in different SCADAs;
    • facilitates the management  of alerts from non-Ethernet devices via I/O ports (4 input /2 output);
  • flexibility:
    • full Gigabit switch performance;
    • wide range of switches and cabling components;
  • powering of other devices:
    • Nexans iGigaSwitch series are the only industry switches which provides 12x PoE+ in accordance with IEEE 802.3at;
    • copper connectivity is designed  to minimize  damage caused by sparks when  disconnection under power occurs;
  • significant level of resilience:
    • advanced resilience concept thanks to MRP, RST, zero loss etc.;
    • dual redundant power supply inputs to switches: 18…72VDC;
  • security:
    • high level of anti-hacking protection & cyber security thanks to special protocols and features;
    • Secure Lock fibre and copper components;
  • easy maintenance:
    • extensive diagnostics & management functionalities including copper and fibre media;
    • wide range of special features like: SD cards with MAC-addresses, web-management capabilities, reset configuration button, configurable LEDs, preconfigured DIP-switches etc.;
    • NexMan software for easy configuration, management and maintenance.

Nexans is a one-stop-shop for industrial switches, cabling and services and offers  industry grade iSwitches alongside an extensive portfolio of passive components - for building highly available, resilient and high performing networks in the energy sector.