Click-In Power Supply

Next generation power supply for an easy migration to higher PoE budgets

How to make sure your FTTO installation meets the growing needs for Power over Ethernet wattages?


Nexans launches Click-In, the next generation power supply unit for efficient PoE supply for FTTO installations. Being the world´s most compact installation power supply unit, it has a built-in depth of only 33 mm and provides full PoE+ support with output budgets of 70W and 130W at 54V DC. Thanks to the compact, fanless design it can be quickly and easily mounted in a cable duct with a limited built-in depth and enable most advanced PoE+ application scenarios. 
In comparison with the previous generations of LANactive installation systems, the Click-In series offers an optimised housing concept thanks to an aluminum front plate with ribs. The special design of the power supply unit enables a wide range of installation scenarios, both inside the cable duct and outside. Due to the increased heat sink surface, heat is radiated to the outside environment in a much more efficient way. This results in better temperature performance of the entire network and a longer life span of the FTTO installation.


LED Light for Function Monitoring
The new Click-In power supply unit is equipped with a Control-LED, which is used to monitor the function of the power supply. It is green when the power supply works well and provides power to the FTTO switch. You can immediately see if everything is in order.

Click-in and ready
The Click-In power supply unit has the same installation dimensions as the FTTO switches. This means, the same installation frames and plates can be also used for power supply installations. Thanks to the patented design technology, the new power supply units can be installed simply by clicking in and without any installation tools.

PoE Standards
Power over Ethernet (PoE, Type 1) IEEE 802.3af was first specified in 2003 and provides 15.4W per port. In 2009 there came another standard, IEEE 802.3at (PoE+, Type 2), with 30W per port. Now there is another PoE standard under development, featuring the 3rd generation of PoE standards, i.e. IEEE 802.3bt (PoE++, Type 3 and Type 4), with 60W and 90W per port respectively.
With higher PoE wattages, there is to expect a significant increase in heat generation in a copper twisted pair cable bundle, which will negatively impact attenuation and data transfer properties. In contrast to traditional network designs, FTTO networks do not face this problem as there are only short (3-5 m) twisted pair patch cords in use. However even with FTTO, you have to think two steps ahead and consider intelligent migration scenarios to higher PoE budgets.


Click-In for More Performance
Click-In is a fanless patented solution designed to meet growing PoE challenges. It affords various high wattage application scenarios in office environments, for example:


PoE, a technology that lets network cables carry electrical power, is very convenient for the user. A single PoE cable provides data communication and powers end devices (like printers, VoIP phones, WLAN access points, IP video cameras and notebooks) at the same time. With a PoE Switch you can power applications located virtually anywhere (even in unconventional places like under the ceiling, in the corner, etc.) without tethering them to an electrical outlet.
The Click-in power supply makes it easy to migrate from 70W to 130W PoE +. You simply opt for the Click-in model with a high PoE+ output (130W), when your FTTO infrastructure needs more power supply. The 130W Click-In model has the same built-in depth (33 mm) as the 70W model. Thus the 70W model can be easily replaced with the 130W model when time comes for you to migrate.

The Click-In series can be simply clicked-in and mounted without any extra tools. For installations in 45mm profiles, no mounting plate is required. This makes the installation particularly easy and cuts the project realisation time.


Click-In Highlights

  • Power supply unit for FTTO switches with 54V DC Input and PoE functionality
  • 45 mm installation format
  • Patented design (DE202011103472 U1)
  • Output power: 70W or 130W (4XPoE+)
  • Fanless system with an aluminum faceplate for better heat dissipation
  • Full PoE+ compatibility (IEEE 802.3at)
  • Quick and easy installation without tools
  • Accessible power supply installation (UK)
  • Control-LED, green
  • Various cable connection sets
  • Perfect match for FTTO switches