Advanced Security with NEXMAN and Firmware Version V4.14P

General Security Update


Sensitive information like passwords and configuration files on the Memory Card, as well as in the memory of Nexans LANactive Switches is now especially protected by the newest security features.


AES-256 Encryption
The switch configuration can now be stored with an AES-256 encryption on the memory card inside the switch. Even if an intruder tries to read the configuration information from the memory card, it will be impossible to decrypt. The design and strength of the AES-256 algorithm is sufficient to protect classified information up to TOP SECRET level.

SHA-256 Hash
To secure your CLI configuration the user credentials of the local Login accounts can now be saved with an SHA-256 Hash. SHA-256 Hash makes it impossible to restore the clear text password.

Distribute Configuration Files Faster
Uploading new configuration settings is now 100 times faster! Any number of Nexans LANactive Switches can be upgraded with up to 100 simultaneous uploads per upgrading cycle. This means an over 10000% gain in efficiency (in comparison with earlier software versions).  

Customer Reboot and Default Configuration
The new Features "Customer Reboot" and "Default Configuration" allow you to define and manage individual configurations of your LANactive Switches. The configurations can be easily distributed in the enterprise network. The Feature "Reboot Configuration" overwrites the existing parameters set in the running configuration when a device reboots. The Feature "Default Configuration" defines a new customer factory default configuration which is unique for every customer and which can be easily restored by pressing the "Factory Default Button" on the Switch.