PSIRT - Addressing Network Security Vulnerabilities in a Proactive Way

Nexans takes care and responsibility!


In today's world, where everything is interconnected, security is one of the biggest challenges to face. Malicious software, versatile cyberattacks on network protocols and networks, mask attacks, as well as targeted exploiting of system vulnerabilities are the daily bread of cybercriminals. In many cases, multiple attacks are conducted to crack the network and achieve maximum benefits at companies´ costs.

How can businesses and organisations protect themselves against the cyber evil?
First of all, they should keep tabs on the current developments in security and know about vulnerabilities identified by either IT authorities or professional communities. They should take preventive and protective steps in good time to keep their software and firmware up-to-date. And, of course, insist that manufacturers provide regular, timely reports about potential dangers and weaknesses in the network equipment and components and design patches to close vulnerabilities at short notice.

Nexans ranks IT security as its top priority and monitors the market as well as cyberspace to ensure that its solutions meet the latest security standards. In a bid to react to vulnerabilities even faster, Nexans has launched PSIRT, Product Security Incident Response Team, to take proper care of customers with heighted needs in security.

PSIRT works closely with Nexans customers, independent security experts, software testers, and industrial organisations to identify and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities in Nexans products and solutions, as quickly as possible.

PSIRT is a quality feature which marks reliable and responsible. For large, globally active companies and organisations, PSIRT is the inclusion criterion, which is starting to play a very important role in tenders and decision-making processes.

The Security Vulnerability Portal is an important starting point. The Portal serves as an interactive platform for our customers to report possible vulnerabilities in Nexans networking solutions. The Portal offers extensive support and updates regarding potential vulnerabilities and product security incidents concerning LANactive FTTO Switches and Industrial Ethernet Portfolio. Based on these reports, PSIRT investigates each single case and provides speedy containment or remediation of a security vulnerability in question.
In most cases, a vulnerability issue can be handled by installing the latest firmware patch.

To help you configure your LANactive switches in a most secure way, we have prepared the White Paper "Management of Nexans Switches - High Security Configuration - Recommendations" which can be downloaded from our Security Vulnerability Management Portal.

Our PSIRT takes care to make sure your systems meet the latest IT security standards and are best protected against cyberattacks and malware.

If you experience a product security issue or think you might have one, do not hesitate to contact PSIRT!