LANactive GigaSwitch Heads


With their unique modularity, the Nexans GigaSwitch series can be adapted to several applications just by replacing the twisted pair head unit. Optionally, power via Ethernet (PoE- +) is available either as standard using insulators or for medical applications.

The LANactive PoE Kit can be used for retrofitting to PoE + or serve as a replacement for defective heads. The Nexans GigaSwitch with LANactive MED kit meets IEC 60601-1 which is required for the medical environment, especially when it comes to insulation. Moreover, the GigaSwitches increase the flexibility of the infrastructure in the medical environment. The standard FTTO switch series can now be easily retrofitted to the Medical Switch series for use in patient environments.

Thanks to the rotatable and removable head of the GigaSwitch series it is possible to exchange the switch heads in already installed systems without having to dismantle them. Nexans put great value on easy assembly of the kits: the exchange can be carried out by the IT staff and only requires the supply to be switched off for a few minutes. After installing and activating the supply, the switch starts up and automatically detects the new hardware. The existing configuration won't be changed and the switch can be used immediately.

The LANactive PoE and MED kits are a cost-effective and uncomplicated way to retrofit and perfectly meet the needs of the customer after a simple upgrade of the FTTO switches.

The LANactive POE HEAD Kit and the LANactive MED HEAD Kit are now available. The complete set contains all the elements required for a quick and easy assembly, e.g. mounting screws and labelling inserts. In particular, the MED Kit comes with a plastic inscription field to guarantee the permanent stability of the labelling in a medical environment even when cleaning the switch with liquids.