New iGigaSwitch 1606 HSR/PRP SFP-6VI

New Nexans Industrial Ethernet switch with HSR/PRP functionality for the sites with higest requirements for redundancy

LANactive Industry / iGigaSwich 1606 HSR

Nexans introduces the new managed Industrial Ethernet switch model with HSR/PRP redundancy functionality - iGigaSwitch 1606 HSR SFP-6VI. This switch model is designed for the applications where the requirements for highest network availability and shortest reaction time are critical - Smart grid / Utilities automation or automation on industrial sites.

The requirements of HSR (High-availability Seamless Redundancy) and PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) are described in IEC 62439 standard. The functionality of iGigaSwitch 1606 HSR SFP-6VI allows to build extreamly robust network with zero reaction time in case of a failure and predictable latency.

The new iGigaSwitch 1606 HSR SFP-6VI has 16x Gigabit ports: 10x of 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ45, 2x 100/1000 HSR/PRP SFP ports and 4x 100/1000 Vario SFP ports. Up to 8x connected devices can be powered by using PoE/PoE+ technology (30Watts per port with 240Watt budget according to the latest IEEE 802.3at standard) with one of PoE/PoE+ available options. Optional I/O interfaces allow a fast, simple and low-cost integration of non-IP based devices directly in the field - different sensors, controllers, buttons etc.

There is a critically important functionality for Smart Grid: Nexans industrial Ethernet switches from iGigaSwitch families comply with IEC 61850 requirements (parts 6, 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, 7-4, 8-1, 9-1 and 9-2,  SERVER functionality, MMS and GOOSE). This functionality allows using standardized equipment to ensure correct and reliable communication of all networked devices of Smart grid infrastructure (including switches, PLCs, different controllers, sensors etc.) with each other and with central SCADA. The compliance is tested and confirmed by KEMA/DNV-GL.

Nexans managed Industrial Ethernet switches are the core of LANactive Industry solution designed to build reliable, secured and highly available network in harsh environment of many mission critical applications.

LANactive Industry solution includes:

  • hardened managed Industrial Ethernet switches and its accessories
  • wide copper and fibre cabling offer including its industrial variant
  • the software for comfortable switches configuration and management
  • first class support services