LANactive V5 - Boosted to the next level

Want to boost the power and performance of your LAN?



Introducing LANactive V5, the new edition of Nexans’ pioneering LAN technology. Ramped up and ready to meet the changing requirements of your office environment, LANactive V5 is designed to boost power, security, reliability and wireless connectivity. 



  • More devices in the network require more power.
  • 5.4 BILLION - number of B2B IoT connections by 2020



  • Cyber crime is the biggest threat for companies across the globe.
  • Hackers attack a company every 39 seconds



  • Need for reliable and high-performing networks.
  • Businesses can't succeed with unreliable infrastructure 



  • Significant growth of wireless
  • +8.6% Year-on-year enterprise WLAN growth