Explore the Nexans LANactive V5 features


More buffer for more data packets

As bandwidth expands, so does the number of data packets you need to send, quickly and reliably. The new GigaSwitch has an extended switching buffer of 512kByte, reducing data packet loss and enabling faster throughput for WLAN and mission critical applications.



Accelerated switching and management combined in one chip


The new GigaSwitch combines switching and management in a single chip, significantly accelerating the management function (10 times faster), and minimizing incompatibility and implementation errors. The all-in-one processor switches data packets directly, without additional interfaces, for a more powerful switch.



Redundant storage of firmware and configurations and large reserve for future applications


The internal memory of the new GigaSwitch has been extended to 400MB. Firmware and configurations can now be stored redundantly, simplifying updates and upgrades, preventing corruption of files and ensuring smooth operations. The extended memory also enables future applications, such as additional security measures. 



Full PoE support on all 4 user and uplink ports

POWER OVER ETHERNET: 30W per port, 150W per switch

The new GigaSwitch's RJ45 copper uplink meets new wireless standards such as IEEE 802.3at without compromise. Fully prepared for future PoE applications, all four user ports deliver up to 30 watts per port and 150 watts of power in total per switch, able to power a WLAN access point, for example, or new IoT devices that will require data connectivity and power.



Redundancy and bandwidth benefits

CONNECTIVITY: 3 uplink ports (+1) and 4 user ports

The new GigaSwitch comes with one extra fiber uplink port, offering more options with regard to redundancy and network performance. If redundancy at user level is required, the two fiber uplinks can be connected to your central equipment simultaneously, increasing network availability for mission critical applications. By combining both fiber uplinks via link aggregation, bandwidth can be doubled to 2G.