Nexans LANactive V5 - Proven concept & design, fully backward compatible

+250,000 switches installed


Introduced in 2000, LANactive offers an alternative approach to traditional LAN using fibre-to-the-office (FTTO) topology and active switches to provide standard Ethernet services to devices via standard copper-based RJ45 technology.

LANactive has proven to be a reliable, high-performing solution for large scale infrastructures in various environments, including education, hospitals, airports, police & defense and public administration.

The compact design of the GigaSwitch remains unchanged in this latest version, featuring the rotatable head, ergonomic position of interfaces and slim dimensions that streamline installation and maintenance. No staff retraining is required, since the same mounting and installation accessories can be used, and management interfaces have the same look and feel.

The new version is fully backward compatible with the previous version. Both versions can be used simultaneously by the new generation of software tools. The configuration files and format are unchanged, so there is no need to create new configurations for new generations. Configurations of the previous version can be seamlessly interpreted and adopted by the new generation, which can be operated with the same memory cards.