Communication Pillar Concept for connection to modern telecommunications infrastructures

Modern communication infrastructures in large Office environments, training and laboratory rooms, as well as in schools and universities require an ever-greater flexibility in terms of connection technology for power and data.


However, the commonly used connection technology over floor tanks or cable duct systems, restrain this flexibility. Floor tanks are often wrongly placed and provoke trip hazards through cables and wires on the floor to be laid. Cable ducts are mostly installed on the room walls and force the use of longer cable across the room.

If, for this reason, one decide to choose installation systems which are installed over a ceiling, enables a flexible positioning of the workplaces in modern office environments.

Communication pillars, in combination with cable duct Switches of the Nexans LANactive GigaSwitch V5 product family, power and data connections can be provided flexibly in the room. The cable duct switches provide an adequate number of Gigabit Ethernet connections ready and can be redundantly connected via fibre as well as copper connections. Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables that practical connection of e.g. VoIP phones.

The central connection point (Consolidation Point „CP") can be a purely passive connection point (e.g. a Zone Distribution Box) or displayed as active network node.

The communication pillar is connected via save touch-protected connectors (e.g. WAGO, Wieland, etc.), and hence preventing a time-consuming installation on site. By the pre-assembled, ready-to-use pillars as well as intelligent clamping technology, the installation can be easily done in a few minutes.