Upgrading existing IT infrastructures (Cat. 5/6/7 copper cabling)

up to nine managed Full Gigabit Ethernet ports via one twisted pair cable


Often, due to structural conditions, extensions in existing IT infrastructures cannot be implemented at all or only with great difficulty and at high cost.

With Nexans GigaSwitch V5 cable duct switches, the flexibility and efficiency of the existing IT infrastructure can be increased significantly.

The installation switches have two RJ45 interfaces on the back in addition to an SFP interface. The existing IT infrastructures can be expanded quickly and easily using these RJ45 interfaces.

The cable duct switch is used in the place of the RJ45 junction box in the cable duct or floor box and thus enables five managed Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Additional power cabling or separate power supplies are not necessary, and the installation can be carried out without electrical specialists.

The cable duct switch can be connected to the existing twisted pair cable (Cat. 5/6/7) and is powered by the switch in the floor distributor using Power over Ethernet. Thanks to PoE+ and in line with IEEE 802.3at, the cable duct switch has 25.5W available, of which it requires less than 5W itself. The remaining power can be used for other PoE applications e.g. VoIP phones at the desk.

The second rear RJ45 interface with PSE functionality of the switch can also be used as a user port, for cascading and supplying another cable duct switch or for connecting and supplying another WLAN access point or an IP camera.

This means that up to nine managed Gigabit Ethernet ports can be switched on easily and practically using one twisted pair cable.


  • Installation without electrical specialists
  • simple and practical network expansion
  • Up to nine managed full gigabit Ethernet ports via one twisted pair cable
  • Cascading of switches without a separate power supply unit, so no additional power supply is required
  • Two rear RJ45 interfaces with PD and PSE functionality