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Nexans JTS Heat-Shrinkable Joint with Triple Layer Tube

    Offida, Italy
  • Beware:

Welcome to the new Era of Heat-Shrink Joint

  • Short and slim design
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Advanced screen connection and armor continuity
  • Heavy wall tubing for high mechanical strength and impact resistance
  • Proof against water penetration and chemicals aggression
  • Stabilized UV protection
  • Halogen-free material content
  • Compliant to reach regulations
  • Premium technical support
  • Made in EU

Beware: INNOVATION! The Nexans Italy site of Offida launches the JTS, its new heat-shrinkable joint with triple layer tube.

The triple layer tube represents a technical innovation that allows jointers to heat only 1 tube instead of 3 for 12 to 24 kV applications, and 2 tubes instead of 3 for 36 to 42 kV applications.

The Nexans JTS then reduces complexity and the time to install the joint, while improving the quality of the global connection by reducing its operations.

The new range of Nexans JTS heat-shrinkable medium-voltage straight joints is compatible with single- or three-core polymeric cables with copper wire screen, copper tape screen or with Aluminum tape screen.

17JTS1 W (CS) - 24JTS1 W (CS)

For 12 to 24 kV applications, the Nexans JTS 17/24 heat-shrinkable joint is the new high performance, compact and easy-to-install joint: a single body with all electrical functions integrated!

The JTS 17/24 is using the Nexans “TRIPLE GT125”, an integrated stress control field, insulating and conductive tube, which can support voltage classes up to 24 kV. 

36JTS1 W (CS) - 42JTS1 W (CS)

For 36 to 42 kV applications, the Nexans JTS 36/42 heat-shrinkable joint is also a high performance, compact and easy-to-install joint: double bodies with all the electrical functions integrated!

The JTS 36/42 is using an integrated coextruded “stress control field + insulating” (DUAL GT12) nested in a coextruded “insulating + conductive” tube (DUAL GT25), which can support voltage classes up to 42 kV. All the rest is the same as the 17-24JTS.

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