HYPRON®: two decades of global success


A multilayer inner sheath provides optimal protection against chemical fluids penetrating into cable cores. Aluminum-coated tape sealing ensures cables are watertight and resistant
to inorganic and organic chemicals. In addition, two concentric co-extruded layers made of special chemical resistant polymers ensure the resistance against aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons ingress.
This unique multilayer solution can be incorporated into all Nexans’ cables and accessories, from power to data and from
copper to fiber. All cables are available in armored as well as non-armored versions, and offer the same levels of flame
non-propagation and fire performance. Each product family is capable of supporting the biggest projects in the oil, gas and chemical industries and undergoes type tests ensuring performance beyond the design standard. HYPRON® cables are compatible with Nexans termination and splicing kits.


Up to 3 times

considering a full TCO** approach additional cost reduction : Less efforts to install Less drums due to longer lenghts Less splicing Manpower costs reduction Lower transportation costs

Up to 20%

direct savings compared to lead covered cables : Weight and diameter reduction

Did you know ?

HYPRON® technology is a standardized*, efficient and reliable solution for cables in all oil, gas and chemical applications.

Since its launch 20 years ago, customers and partners have increasingly recognized HYPRON® technology as the best in class solution for oil gas and chemical applications.

This is underlined by the fact that over 5 000 km is currently installed worldwide in a number of high profile projects. 

In practice, the solution has proven easier to transport, store and install than traditional lead-covered cabling. Not only are the cables lighter than comparable lead-covered designs, they are also less costly and contribute to direct and indirect project savings. What’s more, HYPRON® technology limits environmental impact at sites where cables are installed as well as during end-of-life recycling operation.

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Current developments in the oil, gas and chemical industries, from demand growth, price fluctuations and changing locations to digitization, are driving the need for innovation and more efficient operations. Projects need to be executed cost efficiently and rapidly and downtime is out of the question - even in the remotest, harshest locations. Oil, gas and chemicals such as hydrocarbons, acids and alkaline compounds pose a significant threat to buried and surface cables. In particular, cables might come into in contact with aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons. Historically, a lead sheath was used to protect cables from deterioration caused by
hydrocarbons. However, lead is highly toxic to humans and the environment. Fortunately, Nexans HYPRON® cables offers a solution.

Make the good choice of cable glands !

We recommend using CMP cable glands. Nexans and CMP are joining forces and sharing expertise to deliver unique connectivity solutions dedicated to performance and quality.
Triton T3CDS cable glands from CMP deliver a unique concept in cable sealing techniques incorporating the patented Compensating Displacement Seal system, CDSTM. The combination of cables designed with the HYPRON® technology ensures the complete compatibility and makes the installation process easier,
safer, and more reliable. Introduced to effectively handle
all types and sizes of amoured cable construction taking the concern out of the mind of the operator, letting the product do the job instead.

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